American Kobe Denver Cut

Denver Steak

Temporarily Sold Out - Please check back soon!!! †One of our most tender and flavorful new cuts, that is generously marbled and so delectable.† Ranks in at number 4 on the tenderness scale!

Cut into medallions, this is an incredible new steak making its debut for the discerning steak lover.† Perfect on the grill or skillet, paired with grilled vegetables or shellfish for a surf and turf, this steak knocks our boots off every time.

**West Dakota Kobe is proud to be one of the very first meat retailers to offer the newest steaks and cuts debuted by the Beef Innovations Group, a part of the National Cattlemenís Beef Association which is funded by the Beef Checkoff.

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2 - 10 ounce packages of Denver Cut medallions ó Price $ 38.00


Sold Out
USDA Inspected
Beef Innovations Group
Beef Cheekoff
Made in the USA
Pride of Dakota